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Were it not for this office, my family and I would have been left homeless. OCHE interventions, mainly in the form of liaison, were integral to keeping us housed. 

The ERO I worked with was very efficient, polite and well spoken.  I feel great that the arrears have been resolved.  Glad it’s all over with and I really enjoyed working with Sandy. 

I was unaware of the process until I received the letter from OCHE.  I was so happy when the ERO came to meet with me and explained what was going on.  I did not feel that TCHC communicated with me very well. [...] The help I received from the OCHE has allowed me to understand better and know that someone is there to help me have a secure place to live. 

In the short time I have worked with Amber, she has been a healing light in a hellish year, that I have endured as a 10 year tenant in Toronto Community Housing. Amber has borne listening to the pain of my ordeal with calm and care and I am deeply thankful for that. 

I would like to thank you for your service and your recommendations, thank you for your time and effort that you put to settle my issues with the landlord.  I greatly appreciate and recognize all that you do to help in my case.  Thank you for providing valuable advice.