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  • OCHE 2019 Presentations: Applying for Pensions?

    The OCHE will be at 20 TCHC buildings through February and March teaching tenants about how to apply for pensions, what information TCHC needs when you switch to pensions and about the common issues tenants often face when changing to pensions. Check out the attached document for all of the event listings or our events page for more details! 

  • 2018 SPIDER: Open Dialogue on Vulnerability

    The City of Toronto - Specialized Program for Interdivisional Enhanced Response (SPIDER) invited the Commissioner of Housing Equity (Cynthia Summers) to speak in an Open Dialogue on Vulnerability: Oversight, Accountability & Advocacy on April 20, 2018.
  • 2017 ONPHA Conference and Trade Show

    The OCHE presented at the 2017 ONPHA Conference on November 3, 2017. ONPHA’s annual Conference and Trade Show is the largest of its kind in Canada, connecting more than 1,100 affordable housing staff, policy makers, tenants, community partners, and representatives of municipal and provincial government.
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