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Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) and the Office of the Commissioner of Housing Equity (OCHE) have worked closely through the years to strengthen our partnership and approach to preventing evictions for arrears. We have worked together to implement a number of programs aimed at maintaining tenancies through the appropriate and timely management of arrears, such as the hardened arrears program, quick referral program and pre-eviction program.


TCHC and OCHE have also worked together to develop and implement the new arrears collection process (ACP). The ACP emphasizes early intervention, increased personal contact with the tenants in arrears, and focused staff efforts on signing repayment agreements with tenants to manage or resolve their arrears. Through the ACP, our staff work with tenants to help them meet the responsibilities of their tenancies and, where feasible, leverage resources and the support of the OCHE team to work toward positive outcomes for our tenants.


TCHC continues to value and recognize OCHE’s important role in supporting tenants and maintaining tenancies across the portfolio. Building on this partnership and with the Board’s approval, we are expanding the mandate of the OCHE. Effective January 1, 2022, the OCHE team will begin to review all proposed evictions for arrears and all tenant files prior to the L1 notice being served. 


Jag Sharma (he/him)

President and Chief Executive Officer