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The OCHE Approach

We value your needs

Our team recognizes the value of every individual and that everyone's situation is unique.

Our Early Resolution Officers use the "OCHE approach" to understand the challenges that have caused your rent arrears (unpaid rent) and will work with you to find a solution.  

We have helped many tenants who were behind on rent payments due to unforeseen medical expenses, losing their job, or not being able to complete the paperwork required for their annual Household Income and Assets Review Form.

TCHC property and a senior citizen who represents one of the tenant types the OCHE helps when they are facing eviction.

The OCHE Approach gives you:

Positive Meetings

We create an environment where you will feel included and important.

Customized Plans

Work with you to make plans that are unique to your needs and issues.

Empowered Choices

We support you as you make decisions that will keep you in your home 

The OCHE Approach includes: