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Commissioner of Housing Equity

Facing Eviction?

We're here to help

Icon that represents eviction from TCHC due to rental arrears
Icon that represents TCHC tenants who are either sixty-five or older or vulnerable and facing eviction.
Icon that represents unpaid rent which is the reason why a TCHC tenant could be facing eviction.

Who We Help

The Office of the Commissioner of Housing Equity (OCHE) works with tenants who are:

Indian woman tenant who is facing eviction from TCHC due to rental arrears and has contacted the OCHE to help avoid eviction.

How We Help

We work with TCHC tenants to understand their situation and help them make a plan to avoid eviction.

Upcoming OCHE Events

Are you applying for pensions? The OCHE will be at 20 TCHC buildings through February and March teaching tenants about how to apply for pensions, what information TCHC needs when you switch to pensions and about the common issues tenants often face when changing to pensions. Please check out the information sheet below for all of the dates and locations or our events page for more details! 

OCHE Events
The OCHE team who are dedicated to helping TCHC tenants, who are in rental arrears, avoid eviction.

Our Team

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